SpeedChip V.2 for Bosch E-Bikes



  • compatible with Bosch Gen2 & Gen3 (Classic / Classic + / Active / Active + / Performance / Performance CX)
  • motor support up to 75km / h
  • actual speed and mileage display (no halved values)
  • activation via WALK key or individual code

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139,00€ Tax excluded

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The latest generation Speedchip can lift the speed limit of 25 km / h of the e-bike, the real values of the speed and the kilometers driven are displayed (no halved display values on the display). The chip has a micro-USB interface and can be configured via PC.
  • compatible with Bosch Gen2 & Gen3 (Classic / Classic + / Active / Active + / Performance / Performance CX)
  • display of real speed and mileage values
  • the tuning can be activated / deactivated at any time while driving
  • activation / deactivation and max. speed can be set individually via PC.
  • splash-proof housing and use of original connectors
  • each chip is tested on the e-bike before delivery
  • case dimensions: LxWxH 37x20x10mm
  • weight: about 12 grams
  • latest software and drivers for Windows 7-10 are available in our download area
  • made in germany

installation instructions


You get the chip already preconfigured! If required, you can use the configuration tool to configure settings such as the max. Change speed or activation by individual code.


The commissioning of the speed clip on the eBike is not permitted on the road. The bike tuned by the speed clip, which makes a manipulation of the speed, may not be operated on the road.

Warranty or warranty claims of the eBike may be limited or voided against the dealer or manufacturer. The use is only allowed on private areas or specially designated test or race tracks. Use of the Speedclip is at your own risk and at your own risk.


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